Our school is all about allowing you to cultivate your own self-improvement journey with our guided facilitation. We can support you to beginning that journey.

With us, you will receive not only information on relevant social-emotional wellness but also be provided with action steps and exercises to use in order to get you where you want to be.

We don't promise that you will become a stellar, ultra positive, perfect person- that is unrealistic and unsustainable. We, however, hope you will learn something new and that you will discover something about yourself along the way to catapult your growth in your personal development journey. Whether it be through our online course(s), products, or coaching services, let's work together to achieve your goals.

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"Be The Best You That You Can Be, One Positive Step At A Time."

- Anjalon Wimbush, Positive Steps10, LLC CEO

Hi, I’m Anjalon Wimbush. (she, hers)

I am a social worker but most importantly I am a wife, mother, friend, author, presenter, podcast host, Self-Care Life Coach, and CEO.

I developed these courses to help support others in their pursuit of happiness through self-development. It all starts with us. A better life, a clearer mindset, our choices. This will determine the type of life we want to live. Yes, we will make mistakes and we are all a "work in progress". The cliche is real.

However, you don 't have to remain the same person, you can take what you have experienced and learn from it. Grow and be a better version of yourself. Be the best you. It just takes you choosing to move forward, one positive step at a time. Every step counts!